iSync Solutions Provides Fashion Businesses with Fully Integrated Clothing and Garment Software 

Sync is a fully integrated software system provided by iSync Solutions to over 80 leading fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers, helping them to operate their fashion businesses more efficiently. 

South Africa, June 2, 2015 — Sync, the fully integrated software solution designed specifically for fashion businesses, has 16 industry leading modules designed to help manage a style from inception to completion. Businesses will find modules from costing to planning, and from inventory to sales and accounting.

Unlike their competitors, iSync Solutions offers something unique to their fashion clients; they created the Sync Software and they exclusively offer it to fashion businesses. Their unique approach allows them to configure and tailor the fashion software to suit the needs of their fashion business. This comprehensive Apparel ERP Software helps businesses improve efficiency, collaboration, and profitability.

iSync is backed by a team of industry experts that know and understand the ins and outs of how to run a fashion business. When implementing the software into your business, their experts help the implementation process run more smoothly. Implementation includes full business analysis, report customization, system configuration, as well as on-going world-class customer support.

Among the 80 leading fashion companies that have implemented the use of their fashion software, users will find brands such as: Jeep APPAREL, DC, Roxy, The North Face, and Hanes, to name a few. “The Sync programme has encouraged us to re-assess our entire operation from start to finish. Its system strengths combined with the existing strengths of our current ways of working will result in an effective, long term solution,” says Jeep APPAREL.

When it comes to helping businesses improve efficiency, collaboration, and profitability, here’s what hat designing company Headware24 had to say about the clothing software, “Sync – It has given us the leverage over our other competitors and with real time reporting, it gives us answers to everyday business in a matter of seconds!”

iSync even offers an iPad App and was titled as “Enterprise iOS App of the Year” at the 2014 MTN Business App of the Year Awards. Their SyncMobile iPad Sales System allows businesses to access business critical reports and different dashboards immediately and remotely. When it comes to providing fashion businesses with a comprehensive clothing and garment software, iSync solutions is definitely ahead of the game and keeping up the with needs and demands of their clients.

Whether a business is just starting out, or is currently operating in apparel sourcing, footwear, fashion, or is an apparel manufacturer, an apparel importer, or an apparel exporter, Sync just might be the fashion software a clothing company needs. For more information about Sync, please visit:

About iSync

Sync is a proven and fully integrated apparel software system designed specifically for the fashion industry.The 16 industry leading modules that are included in Sync’s fashion software have been proven to increase efficiency, profitability and collaboration by seamlessly providing employees, vendors and customers with the information they need to make informed business decisions.